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Karen Mueller  www.karenmueller.com/

My latest musical collaborator, Karen is an extraordinary interpreter of folk and roots music, always pushing the edges out.  Her specialties are Autoharp - she is in the Autoharp Hall of Fame - and Mountain Dulcimer.  Also proficient on guitar and mandolin, she tours her concerts and workshops nationally and internationally.  She has several fine CDs.

Tracy Jane Comer  www.tracyjanecomer.com

Rachel and Tracy have appeared together in concert at Madison Folk Society, Madison, WI and Hobgoblin Music in Red Wing, MN.  Tracy, Rachel, and drummer Stix Kiley collaborate as 3 of Cups www.3ofCups.info

Tret Fure  www.tretfure.com

Rachel has backed up this wonderful songwriter in concert.  Rachel opened for Tret at Acoustic Sounds Cafe in Little Rock, AK, and opened for her again in a St. Paul, MN concert November 2006.  Tret, Rachel, and Tracy Jane Comer appeared together in concert as "3 of Cups" in Feb. 2007.

Circle of Life - founded by Julia Butterfly Hill    www.circleoflife.org

Activist Julia "Butterfly" Hill, subject of the song "Julia Butterfly," started this organization when she climbed down from her home in the redwood tree called Luna. 

Circle of Life's commitment is "to transform the way humans interact with the Earth and with all living beings." 

In addition to sponsoring programs and events, they offer a K-12 teaching companion to Julia's book The Legacy of Luna, her story of living in and with the tree Luna for over two years.


Patty Kakac   www.musicoutfitters.com/artists/kakac.htm     www.granarygirls.com

Patty is a songwriter from NW Minnesota who writes songs from the earth.  I had the good fortune to play fiddle and banjo on the Granary Girls CD  Wild Roses, featuring Patty Kakac and Jodi Ritter.  Patty now plays with The Patty Kakac Trio,  featuring Sharon Saxton and Mary Pohl.

"The Granary Girls are a traditionally-based folk duo, deep in prairie roots and social conscience. . . Rachel Nelson's work on fiddle and banjo is a sparkling addition to these women's' enduring message: at the end of the day, it is still and always love that gives life meaning."

Andrew Calhoun - Singer/Songwriter - Waterbug Records

Tribes Hill  http://www.tribeshill.com/ 

I met these folks at the Austin 2006 Folk Alliance conference, and found in them kindred spirits.  Fred Gillen, Jr., Steve Chizmadia, and Steve Kirkland (Hope Machine) are my special friends in this clan.  I was honored to have my "Peaceworker's Farewell" appear on the Tribes Hill biannual CD compilation at Nerfa '06.  That year's CD had the timely theme of peace.  I am honored to be a Kindred Folk of this Hudson Valley tribe.  I encourage you to visit their site!  Here is their vision:
"We believe that music is an affirmation of the spirit and is capable of transcending the human condition. We also believe that we must learn to coexist on this planet and that music, as a profound language, has the ability to unite people in a common experience, as well as help us better understand our differences. We see our organization as being a unique channel for music and its appreciation."


Drum Outlets for tar, tambourine, tambo-tar, and riq-style frame drums:

Ellis Drum Shop in St. Paul, MN, (651-603-0848) www.ellisdrumshop.com

Cooperman Drums of Vermont,  www.cooperman.com.



Black Banjo Then and Now  www.blackbanjo.com


A website devoted to the renaissance and knee-to-knee transmission and preservation of black banjo stringband music.


Below find a list of the presenters at the 2005 Black Banjo:  Then and Now conference in Boone, NC.  This event found African- American and African banjoists connecting and comparing styles and instruments--a weekend of discovery.  To learn more, check out the website.



Etta Baker           North Carolina Heritage Fellow, banjoist, guitarist
Kerry Blech Old Time Music Scholar and author, master fiddler
Clarke Buehling Master of minstrel, classic and ragtime banjo
Ed Cabell Founder of John Henry Festival, African American Appalachian scholar
Bob Carlin Banjoist, guitarist, producer and Old Time music historian
Dr. Cecilia Conway Appalachian banjo scholar, filmmaker, educator
Cheikh Hamaba Diabate Traditional Mande lutist and historian
Dr. Joan Dickerson Classic Banjo player and educator
Dr. Rex Ellis Banjo scholar and historian, banjoist, storyteller
Clif Ervin East Texas born bones virtuoso, tradition bearing elder
Eric Ervin Son of Clif , clawhammer and finger style banjoist
Bobby Fulcher Tennessee banjoist, folklorist, and conservationist
Alice Gerard Legendary singer, songwriter, guitarist and banjoist
George Gibson Knott County Kentucky born Banjo collector, folklorist, banjoist
Rhiannon Giddens Vocalist, banjoist, fiddler, graphic designer
Algia Mae Hinton & Lightnin’ Wells Piedmont Blues guitar and banjo
Ulf Jagfors Swedish Musical instrument collector and scholar of West African lutes
Daniel Jatta Gambian scholar and Akonting player and maker
Ebony Hillbillies The world’s premier Black Old Time String Band
Ephriam McDowell Banjoist, Kentucky-born multi-instrumentalist, student of African stringed instruments.
Pete Ross Luthier, specialist in historic gourd banjo reproduction
Mike Seeger Folklorist, multi-instrumentalist, Elder Statesman of the Old Time Music Revival
Tony Thomas Founder of Black Banjo Then & Now, folk, blues, old time, singer, banjoist & guitarist, author, activist, and educator
Joe Thompson Traditional NC Afro-American fiddler, and Elder
Don Vappie Multi-instrumentalist, master of classic jazz banjo in his New Orleans Creole Family Tradition, conductor, arranger, bandleader, and scholar
Sule Greg C. Wilson African and Diaspora Percussionist, banjoist, dancer and folklorist




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