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Electronic herd--it's just the latest

and most up-to-date word in economics.

Electronic herd, it plumbs the mystery

Of how a stock can boom and bust in just one day.


Heard of the herd? It's just the latest thing

In economic parlance, the real last word.

Electronic herd, the word explains it

If you really want to know just where your buck stops.


It's my buck; it's my savings--

How could it be gone in one night?

I try, try to find out

The person who's behind it--the real top dog.


Get with the times! It's not a person,

It's the whole total sum of all the trading that's done.

Those signals just fly in milliseconds

Between the fine computers all over this world.


It's my job, it's my living--

How could it be gone in one night?

It can't be some electronic current!

Who could be behind it--the real top dog?


Electronic herd, it's just the latest

and most up-to-date word in economics.

Those signals just fly, and all the traders crying

"My computer's bigger and faster than yours!"


I can't help but thinking

There's got to be some people out there.

That Alfred P. Newman in the White House

Knows them--they're gettin' rich while we get poor!


So I'll have to look hard,

Persevere, and if some bright MBA tries to hand me that drill

About electronic herd, I'll have to tell him

"Well, I'm just not buying that today, you poor young sap!"

 c 2002 Rachel Nelson

08/28/2012                         Copyright  BardLive Music     2012