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Blending Song, Story, Spoken Word, and Movement

"I believe that stories are best delivered directly to the ear and eye.  So I combine stories with music and movement to pull the audience into the story with language older than words.  This becomes a form of musical theater. 

I find juxtaposition the most powerful of poetic techniques, on the page or the stage.  Juxtaposition creates a reverberating space between two images or forms.  When the viewer enters that space, their story becomes a part of the work.  -  Rachel Nelson

Click links for descriptions of BardLive Theatrical shows now booking for touring:

After Leaving Eden: Living the Questions  




The Urban Hermit   Rachel's newest theatrical musical

premieres at Duluth's PLAY GROUND June 21-23, 2012 

and plays the 2012 MN Fringe (August 2-12, 2012)




The BardLive concept grew out of Nelson's desire to  use all three of her oral arts - song, story, and poem - in live performance.  All of these oral art forms were part of the work of the old  bards. "My roots are in traditional music," Nelson says.  "BardLive is my way of saying that my freshest creative work falls within an arc that reaches back to the old traditional bards.  I stand within their tradition of live performance."


 "Rachel sings from the heart . . . she is irresistible."                   

- Betsy Barnum, Great River Earth Institute


 "You're telling the immediate truth.  It's that simple."                   

- Rev. Sarah Barber-Braun, Unitarian Minister


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