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 After Leaving Eden:

Living the Questions 


photos by John Blumenfeld


Theater, story, movement, music, and visual image—all bringing you—the Politico, a folkie, the returning vet, a woman who's lost her voice . . . and one uncertain girl who finds the courage to act.


After Leaving Eden began as the 2007 Minnesota Fringe show Living the Questions.  Extensively reworked for its 2008 performances, this collaboration features video entr’actes by director/co-scriptwriter Kym Longhi, photographs by Chante Wolf, and percussion by Linda Melcher.     

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Storytelling performance artist Rachel Nelson has brought this theatrical creation to the MN Fringe, KC Fringe, University of Wisconsin-Superior, Duluth's Play Ground, Minneapolis' Spirit in the House Festival, and the National Storytelling Network Conference, where this show won a standing ovation of Rachel's peers at the National Storytelling Network Fringe.                    


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Songs, stories, scenes and poems introduce characters living questions both personal and political. 


Meet the devilish cabaret singer, the laid-back folk musician, the woman who has lost her voice, the Washington advisor who pulls an audience member up for a “5-minute political makeover.”  Meet the returning Iraq vet, the redwood tree-sitter. 














As their intersecting stories unfold, what questions do you want to live?  




(See audience Response Questions from previous show runs.)


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