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Living the Questions

A BardLive Production

Created & Performed by Rachel Nelson

Script – Rachel Nelson and Kym Longhi

Directed by Kym Longhi

Photographs by Chante Wolf

Scene Director – Beth Brooks

Photographic video sequences by Kym Longhi

Drumscape by Linda Melcher


Rachel Nelson (script, songwriter, performer, producer) has plied the trade of live performance as musician, songwriter, poet, and storyteller for over 20 years.  Her BardLive shows have covered topics like deep ecology (Finding Our Place) and global economics (Rachel’s Rent Party).  Her CD Change is a Thousand Hearts spotlights her original songs:  http://cdbaby.com/cd/rachelnelson.   Rachel has been a featured storyteller for the last three years at the Northlands Storytelling Network Conference.  Her children’s CD I’m Awesome! contains both stories and songs.  More info at www.bardlive.com


Kym Longhi (director/dramaturg, videographer, script)   Kym's passion is creating highly physical theatrical work through a collaborative process. As a core member of Margolis Brown Theater Company's (MBTC) ensemble since 1995, she has created and performed in all of their work including: Vidpires!, Vanishing Point, The Bed Experiment, American Safari, Sleepwalkers and The Human Show. Most recently she appeared in Off-Leash Area's Border Crossing, with Flaneur Productions in Coriolanus, and in Skewed Visions' Jasper Johns. Kym also teaches acting at the University of Minnesota.


Chante Wolf (photographer) is a Gulf War veteran who counts Kathy Kelly and Julia Butterfly as two women who inspired her journey from veteran to peace activist.  A sought-after speaker, Chante ran the Minneapolis office of Veterans for Peace until going into photography full time.  She is a National Geographic-award-winning photographer whose photos range from chronicles of the Iraq peace movement to portraits of people and the natural world.  Chante’s photos appear in the new anthology The Cost of Freedom


Beth Brooks (scene director) is a founding member of the Margolis-Brown Theater Company, where she has acted and toured numerous shows nationally and internationally, including The Human Show


Linda Melcher (percussion, costumes, props) studies percussion with Michael “Stix” Kiley.  She is affectionately known as the "thrift store maven" for her finesse in stretching a costuming dollar.


Funding from the COMPAS Artist Development fund, and from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council (www.ARACouncil.org), who helped fund the original production through a fiscal Year 2007 Career Development grant (which is made possible through an appropriation from The McKnight Foundation).

       Thanks to Adeline, Inc. for hairstyling, JP Productions for the use of video editing equipment, and Ronald and Betty Lou Nelson for the continuing support that only other artists can give.

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