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Audience response questions, 2007 Fringe shows

 A lovely part of our show was the invitation to audiences at the end of the show to write down and leave beside Chante's photos one question they wanted to live now.  Here are some responses.

What question do you want to live now?


How do I re-discover my creative voice?


How do I get my voice?


What can I do for peace?


What does it mean to parent young adults effectively?


How can the anti-war faction get their message across effectively?  How can we gain media access?


How can women be heard?


Will we survive global warming?


Has this civilization deserved a third world war?


Where have all the trees gone?


How to make hearts peaceful?


What happens now?


When will everyone believe there is enough for all?




Does faith start and move forward from the Bible?  Or, does it rise up to and is limited by the Bible?


How eternal is the now?


Do I know how to be happy?


What is my art?


Why do we allow the South to vote?


How can I touch hearts?


What do I do with truth and secrets?


How can I be the most authentic person now?


Will her journey thru psychiatric illness end in safety?


What is fair?


Where is hope?


What can I do to live better?


Why am I always living my life in fear?


Where do I go from here?  Will anyone know?


Why do I feel like I’ve lost my voice?


Why can’t love guide all of the things we do?


How can my creativity heal?


What is love?


Can I be a redwood tree in my next life?


What prevents me from living up to my full potential?


“How?”  The quote by Gandhi says it best—“You must be the change you hope to see”


Are we ever to make the difference?


When do our lives become one again?


10:10 ?’s


Why do we honor nationalistic chauvinism?  (patriotism)


Will we in America ever again be able to offer the world hope & inspiration?


Can I change the world by changing myself?


How to unify?


What is my role?


How might I stop worrying that others see me as overweight & ugly?  or . . .

How might I accept my own beauty?


Will we survive global warming?


Do I know how to be happy?


Thank you for again reminding us of all of creation and Peace.


Acceptance is important—how can I live acceptance?


What will my experiences be in my 60th year?


How can we find a way to peace?  War isn’t the answer.


How can I remember that  “I have a voice”?


?          (a response to “what question do you want to live now?”)


What are you going to do now?


How can I work to influence Congressmen to include the Fairness Amendment in the Farm Bill 2007?


Why do people hurt each other?


What does it mean to be truly human?


Where will the earth mother send me now?  Lead away . . .

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