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I'm Awesome!

A new CD for young listeners

by Rachel Nelson

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Getting instructions in the studio

 I'm Awesome! is a blend of songs and stories especially good for kids ages 5-10.  With enough repetition and catchy tune to grab the ears of ages 5 and up, this CD will delight kids of any age.  Rachel Nelson and friends mix acoustic stringband instruments like fiddle, banjo, washtub bass, and guitar with mandolin, stand-up bass and frame drums to keep the musical combos changing.


                        Laying down tracks in the studio

“I wanted to carry the energy of fun, hope, and possibility in my first children’s CD,” says Nelson.  “That intention really influenced my choice of songs and stories.”


                                    Getting ready to record

In I'm Awesome! Nelson combines her original songs and stories with a few old favorites like “I’m My Own Grandma” and “The Cat Came Back.”  Nelson weaves music into stories as she would in a live performance.  

With enough repetition and catchy tunes to grab younger ears, the I'm Awesome! CD will delight kids of any age.  The CD includes many different sound combinations for young ears:  a capella singing, old-time fiddle/banjo sounds, and bluesy swing numbers.

Featured Musicians:

  •    Bruce Heine, Bass
  •    David Johnson, Bass & guitar
  •    Kari Kjome, Percussion
  •    Jim Parker,  Mandolin
  •    Brad Steine,  Guitar

Children's Choir:

   Doug, Molly, Katie,  Shannon,  Nicole,  Meredith,  Josh,  Katie, and Kelsey


Contents (with links to song lyrics)


1.  The Possum Song

2.  Eena

3.  The Cat Came Back

4.  Shaggy Dog Tale (story)

5.  Laughing Boy (story)

6.  Beauty Walks

7.  Walkin' Boss

8.  I'm My Own Grandma

9.  If You Could See You Through My Eyes

10.  Tall Tale

11.  Julia and Luna (story)

12.  Julia Butterfly

13.  Whoa Back


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