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       "You must be the change that you wish to see in the world."   - Gandhi



Rachel Nelson - BardLive

Storyteller  Songwriter  Poet

Delivering words directly to the ear

Bringing stories to life with music and movement


"Master storyteller unveils new work . . . employing movements both exaggerated and simple to weave her tale."   Lawrance Bernabo, Duluth News-Tribune

"Violin-playing folk singer Rachel [Nelson's] singing and idealism recall Joan Baez back in the day." 

Chris Riemenschneider, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"With a voice recalling 19th century Appalachia, a wonderful fiddle technique, and lone guitar-based songs, Rachel Nelson has emerged as a musical voice for peace." 

Lydia Powell,  Pulse of the Twin Cities

Greetings! My name is Rachel Nelson, and I would like to thank you for visiting my site. Here, you’ll find my life’s work as a devoted storyteller, musician and poet. I am available for storytelling workshops, as well as a variety of musical and theatrical performances. Please peruse the site and contact me with any inquiries or feedback. I look forward to hearing from you.

Storytelling is an age-old performance revered by artists. It must be evocative and sincere—uniting humans in the story of our universal connection. Esteemed artist Rachel Nelson understands what it means to incorporate such elements that connect us in life. From expressive theater to songwriting, Nelson strings together a masterful collision of music and artistic movement.

Since 1990, Nelson has worked as a professional storyteller and musician throughout the Minneapolis area. Now, she spends her time connecting with audiences through musicals, such as The Urban Hermit, and theatrical storytelling shows, such as After Leaving Eden: Living the Questions.

"Urban Hermit is a lyrical piece that uses song and storytelling to sublime effect. Rachel Nelson is a folk original." - John Townsend, Lavender Magazine

"[Storyteller] Rachel Nelson is a next generation explorer of the fiddle and the drum." - Loren Niemi, Producer

Alongside storytelling, Rachel Nelson is a talented musician that creates melodies from violin, guitar, fiddle and song. Her original song, Change is a Thousand Hearts, can be heard here. Also, due out November 14, Fiddling By Ear is Nelson’s upcoming e-book on mastering the art of fiddle instruction.

"Violinist, singer, guitarist, busker . . . This classic story of descent and return will have you cheering, laughing and singing along. Go see it!" - Robin Bady, storyteller

For additional information on upcoming storytelling and musical performances, contact Rachel Nelson today.

Theater Spotlight:

Two touring musicals

Nelson's theatrical musicals juxtapose elements of storytelling with movement and music. These nonverbal elements, she says, are powerful ways of connecting with her audiences: languages older than words.  Rachel is booking these two musicals for touring now - details below.

The Urban Hermit

Living the Questions







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A recluse in the city finds connection through street busking.

A margins-to-center coming of age tale.  More info, pictures  


  "Nelson blooms as a street busker . . . in this sweet, sad, rich tale."

                            - Kristine Osbakken,  Duluth Reader

Now booking for touring -

Bring a one-hour performance plus audience discussion/talk-back

to your high school, college, organization, or faith community.



AFTER LEAVING EDEN:  Living the Questions

Theatrical Storytelling Show

A "weird musical," this theatrical blend of songs, stories & movement has toured the MN Fringe, the KC Fringe, and the National Storytelling Network Fringe! Bring it to your community. Read more, see pictures at link above.


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Change is a Thousand Hearts CD-Listen to In Spring.

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 I'm Awesome! children's CD-    


Sample a sing-along:  Whoa Back.


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